6 questions with Tim Stumm, creator/editor of Wisconsin Health News

As health care communicators, it’s always our goal to be ahead of what’s happening in our industry. We bookmark news sites, follow blogs and Twitter feeds, subscribe to newsletters and magazines. But what if it was all in one place? Bundled into one email, sent directly to you, every day, Monday through Friday. Sounds good, right? Wisconsin Health News is an independent, nonpartisan, online news service designed to meet the information needs of busy Wisconsin health care professionals, decision makers, and consumers. I caught up with Tim Stumm, creator, editor and reporter of Wisconsin Health News, to give us the details:

  1. What is Wisconsin Health News?

Wisconsin Health News (WHN) provides information on all sectors of the health care industry including hospitals, insurance companies, long term care, consumer advocacy, government, and much more. Our morning email newsletter includes a roundup of the day’s most important health care stories, including original content from Wisconsin Health News you can’t find anywhere else.

  1. When was it incepted and why?

I started Wisconsin Health News out of my house in January 2011 after seeing a need for this type of news in Wisconsin. I edited a similar publication in the state of Oregon before moving back home to Wisconsin in 2008 for a position in politics.

I also needed a job. I was working for an elected official who decided not to run again and his term was ending in December 2010. My wife was expecting our first child that February – so I thought what better time to take up a relatively untested entrepreneurial effort!

  1. What is your role as editor? Do you have others on staff with you? Other writers?

As the editor of Wisconsin Health News I oversee all editorial content in the newsletter and write many of our stories. I am helped on this front by our other reporter Sean Kirkby, a very talented recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin. We also use freelancers and are looking to hire a summer intern.

In addition, I plan our monthly panel events, recruit new subscribers and sponsors and handle all bookkeeping tasks.

  1. What kinds of information do you share?

We report on policy and business developments in Wisconsin healthcare. Recently, we’ve spent a lot of time writing about Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed budget. We’re also trying to keep track of all the new partnerships that health systems are forging and, of course, stay on top of the federal health reform law’s implications in the state.

In addition, each Friday we feature an exclusive, timely interview with a health care leader.

  1. Why should hospital marketing/communications subscribe?

I am very biased, but first, I think it’s a great, convenient way to stay on top of what’s happening in Wisconsin health care. Our stories are brief and easy to read. We also do a daily roundup of top stories from other publications.

Second, your boss and clients are likely already reading us. Our subscribers include CEOs and executives from almost every hospital in the state, CEOs and executives from every major health plan, state government leaders, state and federal lawmakers, trade association leaders, long-term care officials, lawyers, journalists, advocates and more.

  1. You’ve started organizing more events/panels. What is the purpose and who can attend?

We view our events as another way to keep our members informed. This year we are hosting the briefings on a monthly basis. Each event focuses on a pertinent health care topic and features an expert lineup of speakers. Recent panels have focused on payment reform, pharmacy costs and telemedicine.

Registrants also view the events as a great place to network. The attendance list is a snapshot of our subscriber base. Each month it includes a great mix of health care leaders from across the spectrum.

The events are open to anyone, although newsletter subscribers receive first notice and a discount on tickets.

Tim said he’s always looking for ideas for stories, profiles and events. Feel free to add him to your media contact list using news@wisconsinhealthnews.com. If you are interested in a free trial to the daily email newsletter, shoot Tim an email at tstumm@wisconsinhealthnews.com. For subscription details, CLICK HERE.

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