Announcing Upcoming Keynote Speaker


We are very excited to announce the 2014 Thursday keynote speaker!

Barbara Thompson, President and CEO at The Roberts Group, will be presenting on “Lighting Your Spark and the Quest for Professional Excellence.”

It’s 4:30, your boss calls looking for a last-minute report, project, etc. and you have plans with your family or friends. The decision you make in this situation is what defines you as a professional. Choosing to go home and putting it off until tomorrow can mean the “cool” projects rarely cross your desk. Staying and getting the job done often means you are rewarded with more work.

This presentation will discuss results from proprietary research conducted by The Roberts Group, which surveyed senior leaders in the healthcare industry on the work ethic and habits that have led them to success. We wanted to know what is the spark that ignites the passion in our industry’s leaders. Hear their thoughts on what makes an excellent worker and learn actionable strategies to propel yourself to greatness in the workplace.

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