Top 10 reasons to attend the WHPRMS/MHSCN conference

top 10

  10. Healthcare pros from near and far will attend. Socializing is fun for most of us but this specific group is made up of industry leaders, movers and shakers, consultants and vendors. Bring business cards. Lots of them. Networking opportunities abound! 9. The staff at Stoney Creek is absolutely amazing.Get out of the office […]

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16 highlights from BVK’s webinar on what makes millennials tick

WEBINAR SERIES RECAP: “The Rise of the Millennials” On July 1, WHPRMS welcomed Tamalyn Powell, SVP/Group Account Director of BVK to present, “Welcome to the age of the Millennials” to our members. We tuned in for those of you whose busy schedules could allow. Here are the 16 highlights of her presentation on what makes […]

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5 news headlines worth reading

Your June/July 2015 Headlines Twenty-two Wisconsin hospitals get an ‘A’ for patient safety Nearly half of the 55 Wisconsin hospitals examined by The Leapfrog Group received an A grade in its spring 2015 Hospital Safety Score. The score uses data from a Leapfrog survey, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the federal government and […]

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Webinar recap: The Coming Retail Revolution with David Willis


WHPRMS Webinar Series Presents: The Coming Retail Revolution: Insurance in transition, patient accountability, and the redefinition of American health care Speaker: David Willis, VP, The Advisory Board Company, Health Care Advisory Board • Hospitals, health systems, and other providers can no longer rely on the same well-worn channels for growth that have sustained them in […]

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Webinar recap: Hospital Finance 101 with Brian Potter


WHPRMS Webinar Series Presents: Hospital Finance 101: Making sense of cost and payment issues in the hospital marketplace Speaker: Brian Potter, VP, Wisconsin Hospital Association • As a health care marketing professional, if you understand how hospitals are paid, and from whom, you can develop the materials and messaging that will be helpful to consumers […]

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