Call for Proposals: Speakers/Presentations for WHPRMS Educational Offerings in 2017

Dynamic, Inspirational Speakers Wanted

WHPRMS is planning its fall 2017 annual conference and we’re looking for experts in the field of healthcare marketing and public relations to educate and inspire our members during this year’s conference. In October, healthcare strategy and market development professionals from around Wisconsin and surrounding states will gather at this annual conference to search for innovative strategies, cutting-edge ideas, new concepts, and best practice approaches to their business. If you can offer this type of expertise, we want you to be one of our speakers. Share your insights, experience and expertise with your peers, while increasing your visibility and enhancing your professional growth.

Submissions are due by Wednesday, April 19, 2017. Please send submissions or questions to Brittany Gasper at

2017 Speaker Proposal Form

You may choose to participate as a:
– Solo speaker or dual presenter for a concurrent session
– Luncheon Networking Leader

Speakers are expected to provide an executive summary or outline, as well as an electronic version of supporting handouts. Selected speakers for the fall conference must agree to allow supporting handouts to be included in the conference proceedings and posted on the WHPRMS website.

The WHPRMS board of directors will review proposals. Proposal selection is based on the following criteria:
– Originality of material/uniqueness
– Topic alignment with membership interest
– Timeliness of information
– Ease of implementing ideas presented
– Level of sophistication
– Specific learning objectives
– Practical application of materials
– Speaker qualifications

Vendors and consultants may be asked to include a provider-based co-speaker if their session is selected. Here is a list of presentation topics our membership has shown interest in over the past year. Please do not limit your proposal to the areas below, but if you have expertise in one or more of the areas we encourage you to submit a proposal.

  • Digital media
  • Staying creative while under compliance
  • Balancing privacy and convenience
  • DIY Healthcare
  • Putting a price on positive outcomes
  • Engaging millennials
  • Crisis communications
  • Mobile marketing – platforms/technology and implementation
  • Unexpected social media strategies in healthcare
  • Patient engagement for wellness and preventative care
  • ACO’s success, challenges, insurer’s perspectives
  • Unlikely partnerships that work
  • Trends in purchasing healthcare
  • Healthcare systems and physician promotion
  • Transparency tools for tracking patient & physician data- case studies/comparisons
  • Physician relations programs and marketing departments: working together
  • PR/Marketing and Communications case studies
  • How to be a storyteller not a marketer
  • Telemedicine

We are also looking for discussion leaders for our roundtable luncheon networking event. If you have an area of interest and would like to be a moderator for that topic at our annual conference during our networking lunch, please submit your idea.