“Dead puppies. I like ‘em!”

“Dead puppies. I like ‘em!” My blogging experiences of late remind me of that old Saturday Night Live skit in which a late-night radio host (a ‘la Larry King) makes some pretty outrageous statements in an attempt to elicit a response – any response – from his listeners. I’ve seen many thoughtful blogs posted on sites with which I’m affiliated and yet when it comes to responses I’m hearing … well, crickets! A valuable blog requires discourse, and I’d like to see WHPRMS lead the charge – I know you members have it in you because I’ve listened in on some pretty animated discussions at the conferences! So, as President I invite you to please express yourself in this forum!

Our 2010 Membership Drive is underway! Renewal forms are out or you can download them here off the website. Have you turned yours in? Excellent! Hesitating? It’s possible and understandable that you’re organization has cut back staff education or networking budgets, or you’re being careful with your own time and money.

No need to hesitate, though: The fact is, there’s NEVER been a better time to be a member of the Wisconsin Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing Society. The reasons are legion:
• New bi-monthly blogs (like this one, only most will be much better)!
• Monthly webcasts
• Monthly webinars
• Associate member podcasts
• A wonderful new website with many new opportunities for member interaction
• Exciting new regional networking opportunities
Of course, we’re keeping classic membership benefits like the annual conference and industry leadership and achievement recognition.

Our big focus is on member education, education, networking and education. These days, you can never have too much information or too many friends in the industry. I thank my stars for what I’ve learned and the people I’ve come to know through WHPRMS. Pathetic as it may seem, when I first became a member and attended my first conference in 2001, I paid my own way – my organization didn’t have the budget for someone so low on the totem pole. It certainly was the most affordable networking group I could have chosen (have you seen others’ membership dues lately?!).

Many of you already may be paying your own way – bless you for making the personal investment in your future! My commitment to each of you is to ensure your experience is worth every penny and every second of the time you’ve put into it. Thank goodness we’ve got an incredible board of directors this year to back up that commitment – each and every one looking out for you, the member. When you achieve your goals in joining WHPRMS, we achieve ours! My personal goal is to help 250 members achieve their goals this year. Do your friends and co-workers a favor, too, and invite them to join.

Let me know what you need and how we’re doing! Oh, and as for the puppies – are you For or Against?

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