Four little headlines making huge strides in health care (October 2014)

WHA/news headlines for September 2014.

Recent survey says Wisconsin health care ahead of the curve

Wisconsin health care is rated among the best in country. In fact, health care is considered an important part of a community’s infrastructure. In a recent survey sponsored by the Wisconsin Hospital Association, employers ranked “health care” second only to “education” as one of the assets that they look for when making site location decisions. In Wisconsin, health care providers are committed to increasing efficiency, improving quality and safety and to helping employers hold the line on health care costs.

The Wisconsin Hospital Association has created a new website: that connects Wisconsin employers with research studies, news reports and information that will be helpful as they make health care-related decisions.

Wisconsin hospitals and health systems are always looking for new ways to partner with employers and organizations that are committed to building a healthier community.

Fourteen community health clinics will receive $3.4 million in grant funding

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported fourteen community health clinics in Wisconsin will receive $3.4 million in federal grants. The funding will be used to hire additional staff and expand services. The four community health centers in Milwaukee will receive a total of $1 million in grants.

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Wisconsin rates low in uninsured compared to country in 2013

Wisconsin had the sixth lowest percentage of uninsured individuals in 2013 in the nation and the third lowest in the upper Midwest, according to data released by the U.S. Census Bureau this week. Nearly 518,000, or 9.1 percent, of Wisconsinites lacked insurance, a statistically insignificant change from 2012.

Jon Peacock, research director at the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families, said he expects the state’s ranking to decrease in upcoming years because of the state’s decision not to accept additional federal funding for Medicaid.

Wisconsin hospitals invest $176 million to train medical staff in 2013

Earlier this month (September 2014), the Wisconsin Hospital Association released a press announcement stating Wisconsin hospitals invested more than $176 million in 2013 to support training for physicians, nurses and other health care and allied professionals.

On-site clinical training is an essential element in the education process for all health care professionals, but it requires a major commitment of time and financial resources from hospitals and clinics to implement and administer. Hospitals provide on-site clinical and education experiences ranging from a few weeks to several years for nurses, physicians, therapists, pharmacists, even dentists.

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