Go ahead, make our day

Go ahead, make our day: Stop in at the Coffey Communications, Inc., booth at the WHPRMS Annual Conference

Have you tweeted today? Connected with someone on Facebook? There’s a good chance that many of your customers—or potential customers—have. And that creates a tremendous opportunity for health care marketing.

That’s where Coffey comes in. Communicating with your base via social media makes you accessible and friendly. The challenge is to balance that impression with the authority and reliability that people expect from health care providers.

For me, that’s the fun part. As a business development consultant for Coffey, helping clients find the best ways to communicate—whether it’s online, with one of our successful print publications or both—never fails to make my day.

So stop by the Coffey booth at the WHPRMS conference. For one thing, I really enjoy meeting interesting people. But more important, I can show you some cutting-edge steps to improve your health care marketing communications strategy.

See you at the show!

Eddie Unck

Business Development Consultant

Coffey Communications, Inc.

Twitter: @CoffeyComm

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