Guest Blogger Contest

It’s time to be social! We are all craving more information about social marketing and how it’s effecting our healthcare marketing world.* And I’ve made an executive decision, well I asked Melissa, so technically she made the executive decision that we at WHPRMS need to fire up our own Social Marketing.

We are going to be doing this in a variety of ways. And when I say we, I mean you, yeah you the one reading this. I need you to participate. Now you might be saying “Yes, I would love to, but how? Please tell me more.”

I’m glad you asked, here’s three ways to get our networks going.

1) Follow us on our all new Twitter page, please check it out because the account has changed since the last visit. Leave us a note and tell us what new things you would like to see happen on the website.

2) Check out our new Facebook page. Again, this is a new Fan page, so friend us up. Plus check out a ton of pictures from the conference.

3) Sign up to be a WHPRMS guest blogger! Email with your blog idea. So don’t be shy, shout out what cool marketing thing your organization is doing, or talk about a neat new website that you like (mine is Thanks to Tim Drinan at Ministry for coming up with the guest blogger idea.

Again, loyal readers, our network is as only as strong as our participants, so please jump on in, the water is fine. And now for the contest, do all three steps above and we will put your name into a jar and the winner will win a prize. Now I could tell you what the prize is, but that would take out the fun. But I will give you a hint, being the lone Bears fan at the conference last week, I was given this prize from Sue and Chuck. And I know all you cheeseheads will love it.

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*Disclaimer: for comments about grammar and typos

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