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February 2015

Health care considered fastest-growing job market

In January, the La Crosse Tribune covered a story about local students who explored Gunderson Health System’s “Hands on Health Day.” The students (or candidates for the fastest-growing job market in the country) toured operating rooms, intensive care, neonatal care; learned how MRIs, PET scans and CAT scans work, and observed surgeries, among other things.

According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand is high for health care jobs. IT is projected that health care and social assistance careers will average 2.6 percent growth between 2012 and 2022, adding 5 million jobs during the decade.

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Infographic: Wisconsin hospitals improving quality and value

New data from the Wisconsin Hospital Association displays how Wisconsin hospitals’ efforts to improve quality and reducing health care costs in the state, is improving patient care and saving lives.

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Measles experts say Wisconsin may need to rethink vaccination policies

Bioethics and immunization expert at the University of Wisconsin said the most recent outbreak of measles across the country might have states like Wisconsin reconsidering their policies on vaccinations.

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Federal officials update poverty levels

Federal officials raised the federal poverty level 1.5 percent for 2015 for a family of three. At that family size, the poverty level is now $20,090, according to an analysis by the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families. An individual making $16,243 a year now represents 138 percent of the poverty level – the upper limit likely covered if Wisconsin were to accept additional federal funding to expand Medicaid.

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WHA-led TCAB project makes plans for the future

The third group of WHA member hospitals that have a hospital department enrolled in the WHA-led Transforming Care at the Bedside (TCAB) project have completed nearly one year of their 18-month commitment. TCAB is one of WHA’s most popular and successful quality improvement initiatives.

TCAB is a nurse-led hospital program that engages frontline staff to work together to identify, pilot, test and adopt new practices over an 18-month period. Participating nurses will then share their successes and lessons learned with other hospitals across the country.

On March 5, the hospital teams will convene in Wisconsin Dells to share best practices at an all-day workshop. For event details, CLICK HERE.

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