WHPRMS members are encouraged to contribute to our idea exchange. This page allows members to share their favorite links to information, solutions, or knowledge bases, along with ideas they have put into practice themselves regarding current ‘Hot Topics’ in Healthcare PR and Marketing. This constant flow of solution sourcing for similar challenges keeps members up-to-date on the latest healthcare public relations and marketing tactics and introduces members to a variety of healthcare organizations located throughout the state.

Participants are asked to provide a short statement and any appropriate links to more information about any current topic they are dealing with that may be useful to others with similar circumstances.

Associate members (agencies/vendors) are encouraged to participate but should use the opportunity to educate members on a particular healthcare or marketing topic. Please do not use the Sharing Program as an advertising vehicle.

Have something to share? Submit your sharing idea to our webmaster, Chuck Moore.

WHA Health Care Personnel Influenza Vaccination Toolkit

This document includes complete implementation detail to assist with your employee flu shot program. Download from the WHA site.