Lederhosen & WHPRMS Conference

For my wife Sue and I, 2010 marks the start of our 17th parade season as Oktoberfest Grenadiers.

These are La Crosse Festivals ambassadors who do other festival parades all year to promote Oktoberfest, and royalty transporters during fest week. Picture the movie Transporter 17, with the leads in Lederhosen and Dirndls. There you go. Still waiting for my grenade tho. Seriously, great fun there. Reason for this Bloglet:  if you do not volunteer for your local civic, community group or festival, you are missing out.  I have a work family at Ad Aids, Inc, and a home family (pretty much the same family), and a Fest family.

WHPRMS Conference is in Green Bay this year, but I’m hoping to see the fall conference back in La Crosse sometime soon so we can show you how it’s done during fest week!

Oh, did I mention that the WHPRMS board is a family of sorts too… We welcome your participation!

Hope to see you at WHPRMS events, or on the links!

Yes…there will be golf in Green Bay during the WHPRMS conference… Stay tuned!

Chuck Moore
Ad Aids, Inc.
La Crosse

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