“Many things will catch your eye…

“Many things will catch your eye. Only a few will capture your heart. Pursue those.” – unknown

I saw this quote painted on a coffee shop wall a couple (or maybe it was a few) years ago and have chosen to use it as a personal mantra ever since.

I believe this simple, but profound statement captures the very essence of the passion and sincerity contained within those who choose to work in healthcare, and especially (because it is the world in which I live), healthcare marketing, communications and public relations. Sure, we could all be out there marketing really cool, hip and trendy products like iPods, vacation hot spots, sporting events, beer, insurance, or maybe even jet packs – you have to admit Flo and the Gecko are a hoot, and I think it would be super cool to market jet packs.

We see the catchy, often hilarious, ads on TV, hear the buzz created by the latest and greatest social media successes, watch as the newest gadget makes the front cover of USA Today and stand in awe while product micro sites, Facebook pages and YouTube videos get gazillions of hits. We catch glimpses of all of it, and we dream about having the kinds of budgets it takes to pull off great big national, multi-channel campaigns. Yet, we choose to remain committed to, and even enthusiastic about, the field in which we have chosen to establish our careers.

This is what defines us as professionals. It is the tone you hear in the voices of colleagues describing their current projects and recent successes. It is the expression you find on the faces of those who have been, in some small way, recognized for a job well done. And, most of all, it is the inexplicably compelling common calling that has undoubtedly captured our hearts.

So, the next time you find yourself questioning whether or not your job is really all it’s cracked up to be or you’re facing a particularly difficult challenge, simply reach out to a fellow WHPRMS member. I am certain you will quickly begin to put it all back into perspective.

Rebecca Chipman, Treasurer

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