WHPRMS is proud to offer our Mentorship program, which pairs up our membership to help provide you the latest in marketing communications knowledge, and to help you grow in your career.

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Mentor list, September 2017:

1.     Kathy Schultz –UW Health
Throughout my career I’ve been fortunate to have the guidance and shared wisdom of several people I consider my mentors. They’ve guided me through some tricky decisions, counseled me on how to handle difficult clients and offered support in a myriad of ways. My passion and commitment to healthcare is continually refreshed by their support and they remain role models to this day. At this point in my career, I feel it’s my responsibility to share what I’ve learned to help others on their journey. It’s not always the “big” decisions that trip us up. Sometimes the daily grind and stress, especially during this changing healthcare environment, can stop us in our tracks. There’s nothing like an understanding ear to help us get back on track. I enjoy being a mentor. It makes me think outside the box, and focus on other people’s needs. I think it helps me as much as my mentee!

2.     Lori Bruss – The Roberts Group