To work in healthcare and be a healthcare brander is a unique and exceptional blessing — for few other industries actually give you the opportunity to change a life, improve it, or even save that life.

At NOISE, we’ve worked 34 plus years to learn (new each day) everything it takes to activate more than 25 health and wellness brands — healthcare networks, urban and community hospitals, multi-specialty clinics, hospices, spas, insurance providers, nursing colleges and 25 specialty services — leading them to their mighty potential. Your mighty potential.

There’s only one brand activation team of healthcare experts that can connect your consumer’s soul with your brand’s soul like NOISE can.


NOISE is passionate about the power of experience — the value of having been there and done that. That’s why our team of Healthcare Brand Activists features leaders with more than 30 years of success, from both sides of the healthcare marketer’s desk. How cool is no learning curve?

Okay, so NOISE brings more than 400 healthcare marketing awards to your brand. A total of 2 Best of Shows, 10-plus national healthcare marketing awards, countless regional accolades plus praise from the Wall Street Journal to Adweek to university textbooks. Big deal? When you’re spending money, you want the best messaging.

You’re a smart marketer. You know that how to reach today’s healthcare consumer may not be relevant tomorrow. That’s why at NOISE, we’re expert at 56 (and counting) interactive touchpoints — which when blended into a brilliant strategic plan, activates your brand and drives you to the next level of success. Let’s get to work.  


James Shulkin
Senior VP | Chief Brand Officer – Healthcare