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Wisconsin Needs You!

As a WHPRMS member who is a communicator and marketer, you know a thing or two about persuasion. Right now, those skills have never been more important to you personally or to the health care industry.

The vast majority of Americans have never had contact with their legislators. You can become someone who speaks up on behalf of issues that keep Wisconsin’s health care system strong.

Why should YOU care? Your voice makes a difference. This is about your job. This will impact your job security. Your boss would like to know that you know and care about these things and that you actually take action.

There is a lot on the line these days for our industry. Repeal and replacement legislation in Washington, if passed, will cut reimbursement rates for health care providers, increase the number of uninsured in our state and lead to more uncompensated care.

It’s time to speak up. WHPRMS has set a goal of having ten percent of our members sign up for the free grassroots advocacy program, HEAT (Hospitals Education & Advocacy Team).

HEAT members make a difference. They have garnered millions of increased Medicaid dollars for Wisconsin hospitals, dollars directed to training more doctors in Wisconsin and behavioral health issues. Most recently, WHA engaged its HEAT grassroots network and those advocates made thousands of contacts to legislators and Members of Congress over the past few months to weigh in on the Obamacare repeal and replacement legislation.

The seemingly simple actions—an email, a phone call, perhaps a visit with legislators—and the WHA lobbying efforts resulted in these positive public policy successes. But, would the same result have happened if hospitals, health systems and their supporters were silent on these issues? Absolutely not.

Speak up on behalf of your hospitals, health systems, patients and community by joining WHA’s HEAT program: It’s easy, only takes a minute, and makes sharing your voice a simple anprocess.

Join your peers across the state who are making their voices heard loud and clear.

Need a few other reasons to join the HEAT program?

  1. You can positively impact the development of health care policy.
  2. You can build legislative relationships.
  3. You can be a force for change in your community and state.
  4. You can’t afford not to be involved. Join HEAT today by logging onto or by contacting Jenny Boese at WHA at 608-268-1816 or