Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD) Affiliation

WHPRMS is affiliated with the Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD). This collaboration provides additional resources to WHPRMS members.

What is SHSMD?

The Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development is a personal membership group of the American Hospital Association. It is the largest and most prominent voice and resource for healthcare strategists, planners, marketers, and communications and public relations professionals nationwide.

If you are a member of SHSMD, you know how valuable this organization is to your professional aspirations.

If you are a member of WHPRMS, you have access to some of SHSMD’s resources, too.

How do WHPRMS members benefit from the affiliation?

This affiliation connects WHPRMS to resources that enhance our conference, networking events, educational opportunities and more.

  • National conference discount: WHPRMS members who are not SHSMD members receive a discount on the SHSMD national conference. WHPRMS attendees can participate in the conference’s networking reception, which groups attendees by area of the country.
  • Free webcast access: WHPRMS members have free registration to all SHSMD U Webcasts. The webcasts are scheduled (for on-the-spot conversations and questions you may want to pose to the speaker) and on-demand.
  • Group registration rate for SHSMD U Online Courses: When five or more WHPRMS members participate, they get 10 percent off the regular course rate. The courses can help you boost and promote important skills relevant to your role as a health care strategist.

Other benefits include access to a directory of top-rated SHSMD speakers who can inspire spring and fall conference attendees with national insights. SHSMD association leaders are also available for consulting on WHPRMS programs or services.

How can I benefit?

Join WHPRMS today! WHPRMS provides health care communication and marketing professionals with practical knowledge, innovations and events covering a broad range of topics.

You’ll also have an opportunity to network with regional and national thought leaders and industry experts.