The Griswold Family Vacation

It just dawned upon me the other day that summer is actually here.

Never mind the fact that its been a warmer than normal spring for the first time in a long time, but things finally started clicking with me when my daughter officially announced to me that she was officially a 4th grader as she walked out of school on the last day of 3rd grade.

Another reason that I finally know its summer is that when this blog is distributed, I will be in the midst of The Griswold Family Vacation.

No, it’s not a cross country trip to Wally World in the wood panel Wagon Queen Family Truckster, but seriously my wife’s maiden name is Griswold and we are spending the week at a cabin in northern Minnesota. We’ve done this for years and it’s always a lot of fun and come to think of it, if you play the what actor should play you in a movie game, Chevy Chase would not be a bad choice for me.

Another reason summer is here is that we are about a month away from the entry deadline for the 2010 Communications Review. I am guessing that many of you are saying…seriously…it’s that time again? Well it is and before you know it the July 4th Holiday will be here followed shortly by July 16th, which is a date I like to say is the only official WHPRMS Holiday of the year, the entry deadline for Communications Review.

There are many reasons why the annual Communications Review is important to our organization. Aside from being judged by a group of your professional peers and taking pride in the hard work we all do on a regular basis, it also is an important operational issue for WHPRMS. A successful communications review provides revenue that goes into keeping our annual events like the fall conference and personal development day an affordable option for our members.

On June 29th, Lori Bruss and I will be hosting our monthly Web Ex on the Communications Review. As co-chairs of the Communications Review, we have worked hard to fine-tune our annual awards program which has resulted in some changes to the categories. I invite you to join us to learn more about these changes, hear from some of last years Judge’s Choice Winners and if time permits, I’ll share some tales from the Griswold Family Vacation.

Enjoy the summer.

Tom Weaver
Public and Community Relations Manager
Ministry Health Care
WHPRMS Communications Review Co-Chair

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