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Sunset Wedding

Sunset Wedding

Many of us follow blogs or visit web sites regularly that have to do with our personal interests outside of work. I recently got married and, for months, visited a wedding blog on a daily basis for fresh ideas and current trends. And I have to confess, I am still following that site (although much less frequently).

It got me thinking, what about a healthcare marketing site would keep me coming back as frequently as that wedding site? It would need to provide new ideas, relevant ideas and ideas that I can actually incorporate into my work. This year, the WHPRMS board has worked hard to revamp our organization’s web site and will continue to work to make it a destination for healthcare marketers.

So I ask you what healthcare marketing related blogs or web sites do you regularly visit? Why? How do you sift through all the information out there and actually find something relevant to you?

Sayward Proctor
UW Health
Southwest District Rep, WHPRMS

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