There’s an app for that…but is it any good?

There aren’t too many places you can turn these days without someone suggesting you use an app to solve a problem – anything from what to cook for dinner to what to do on your vacation to how to organize your life. But with so many apps available, how do you find the one that will work for you? Especially, as a patient trying to navigate the healthcare world.

There are plenty of healthcare related apps out there ranging in topics and authored by many types of organizations such as hospitals, pharmacies, government agencies, advocacy groups and pharmaceutical companies. I’ve seen apps that promote alternative treatment options, manage prescriptions, monitor daily asthma treatments, encourage exercise or just let patients look up health information. I’m sure there are many more and new ones popping up every day. What does that mean for us?

As marketers, we monitor social media platforms of all kinds, but should we also be monitoring the world of apps? As they continue to be created, tested and perfected, apps will be an important part of the healthcare landscape and an area where patients will expect us to be involved and responsive.

Have you heard from clinicians that patients are requesting more mobile options? Are you doing anything or planning anything to address that request?

Sayward Proctor

WHPRMS Secretary

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