WANTED: Mentors & Mentees


The WHPRMS Mentor Program is for members to work together through an experienced member (mentor) and grow personally and professionally. The goal is to help members (mentees) improve job skills, which will increase their knowledge and experience within the organization and industry. Pairings can be from all levels of experience (reverse mentoring) below are some professional growth reasons to become a mentor or mentee. The suggested time commitment if for three months.

Here are some suggested areas to consider:

    • strategy
    • communication planning (crisis communication)
    • event planning
    • presenting to the C-Suite
    • career planning
    • special projects
    • public relations
    • communications
    • social media
    • digital media
    • budgeting/cost controls
    • becoming a manager tips & tricks
    • networking basics or approaches
    • working effectively with physicians
    • demonstrating ROI
    • advancing your role in your organization

If you feel you would make a good mentor, we encourage you to fill out the application. If you feel you would benefit from being a mentee, please fill out the application. We will match you with the mentor who will best fit your needs. Online applications are found here http://whprms.org/mentor-program/

Questions: email president_elect@whprms.org

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