Webinar: Making The Most Of The Tools In Your Toolbox

April 17, 2014 @ Noon

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Physician Engagement and Practice Development: Making the Most of the Tools in Your Toolbox

You’ve probably heard people say, “It’s not about strategy – it’s about execution.” This couldn’t be more true than in the area of physician (and advanced provider) engagement and practice development. We all know the tools. It’s hardly rocket science. Yet, we struggle in deciding what to do, where to put our resources and how to measure our impact.

Join Julie Pedretti as she draws upon her experiences working for and with physicians in several health care organizations in Wisconsin and in her new role with Lee Memorial Health System in Fort Myers, Fla. Just a few years ago, Lee Memorial Health System began with 21 separate branded physician practices, brought them together under a common name and vision, and has made significant strides in creating a culturally and strategically aligned group She’ll describe the tools the Strategic Services team (Marketing, Media Relations, Sales/Physician Relations, Community/Government Relations) uses to coordinate and leverage practice-building efforts to grow in a highly competitive market.


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