Position Description

Reports to: President

Term: Two-year term (additional 2-year term possible)

Requirements: Must be a current member of WHPRMS. Consideration will be given to professional expertise and involvement and service to the organization.

Job summary: Responsible for maintaining up-to-date information on the website and sharing information with members regarding job postings and other information important to members as determined by the board.


  • Updates the WHPRMS website
  • Sends out e-mails to membership regarding job postings
  • Works with Education Chair to publish monthly blog posts on website
  • Works with Awards Chair to order all items needed for annual awards ceremony
  • Performs other related duties as requested by the president
  • Revises planning materials and presents to board
  • Updates job description if needed and forwards to the president
  • Seeks board approval for any unbudgeted activities/expenditures
  • Attends at least four Board of Directors meetings/phone conferences annually, either in-person or via phone. Special exceptions will be made upon approval by the president