This article, penned by Mary Kay Grasmick, WHA’s VP of Communications and WHPRMS board member, is the first in a bi-monthly series from WHA. These articles, as well as others you receive from WHPRMS, are a members-only benefit. We’re working to share timely topics and valuable information. Let us know what you think.
From repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act in Washington, DC to developing the state budget bill in Madison, public policy changes directly impact the health care landscape. You can have a voice in that process and make a positive impact by advocating for Wisconsin hospitals and health systems ability to continue to deliver the highest quality care in the nation. Whether you are directly employed by a hospital, or indirectly with an agency, advocacy to ensure our community hospitals stay strong is essential.

WHPRMS is partnering with the Wisconsin Hospital Association to make sure we, as our organization’s marketing and communications professionals, make our voices heard by participating in the WHA’s grassroots advocacy program, HEAT.

The Hospitals Education & Advocacy Team (HEAT) program is designed with you in mind. The program’s goals are to educate you on important issues and mobilize you to act. HEAT lets you know when your action is most needed and provides an easy-to-use online action center that puts you in direct email contact with your legislator. We also provide sample messages, background information and a regular newsletter so you know what is happening in the State Capitol in Madison and our nation’s Capital in Washington, D.C.

WHA’s desire through the HEAT program is to make advocating on behalf of Wisconsin hospitals, health systems and patients as worthwhile as possible. Whether it’s writing a letter or traveling to Madison for the Wisconsin Hospital Association’s Annual Advocacy Day (April 19, 2017), please join with over 2,200 hospital advocates across the state who are already making their voices heard loud and clear through the HEAT program.

WHPRMS has set a goal sending 200 emails through the HEAT program this year. If you are participating through your hospital already and you are a WHPRMS member, just email Mary Kay and she’ll make sure your email is counted toward the WHPRMS goal. We’ll announce if we met our goal at the Annual Conference.

Need a few other reasons to join?

  1. You can positively impact the development of health care policy.
  2. You can build legislative relationships.
  3. You can be a force for change in your community and state.
  4. You can’t afford not to be involved.

 The first step to getting active in supporting Wisconsin hospitals and health systems is to sign up for the WHA HEAT program. Complete the sign-up at this link. For those not employed by a hospital, just fill in your organization’s name. Be sure to CHECK that you are a member of WHPRMS. Here is the sign up form: or contact WHA’s Jenny Boese at WHA at 608-268-1816 or