WHPRMS September Blog : Dealers Choice! Every Hand is a Good Hand

We are all anxiously anticipating the upcoming WHPRMS Annual Conference, to be held October 2 – 4 at the Best Western Premier Waterfront Hotel & Convention Center in Oshkosh. The theme this year is Play Your Cards Right, You Can’t Win If You Don’t Play.

This event is Wisconsin’s premier opportunity for healthcare marketers to network with other professionals in the field. Experts give their best advice, share their thoughts and provide you with the upper hand in creating exceptional marketing, advertising and customer service. And you will enjoy meeting old and new friends, participate in fun and often-goofy social events and take a break from the rigors of your every day work routine. Every year, the annual Leadership Recognition and Awards dinner honors the best and brightest among us.

My last blog described a few of this year’s conferences features keynote speakers and workshops. I’ll continue with additional profiles to help you best determine which presentations might be worth attending.

In my role as Internal Communication Manager at Quartz, I was continually focused on the concept of employee engagement. Andy Boryczka, Director of Employee & Volunteer Engagement and Monica Cicci, Senior Editor at Agrace HospiceCare similarly recognize how engaged employees build a positive workplace culture, boost morale and help to retaining top performers in providing better care. Your role as a talented communicator makes you a natural fit for helping to improve engagement. Andy and Monica will share 10 creative tactics they’ve used to improve engagement and retention. These tactics and more have made Agrace HospiceCare a Madison “Best Place to Work”. Be sure to put Delivering Better Care through the Positive Power of Employee Engagement on your conference schedule.

There’s been lots of talk lately about understanding the patient journey. Often, that journey begins long before they visit your providers and walk through your doors. In fact, 52% of consumers search online for provider information. Megan LaFlamme, Director, Product Marketing at Kyruus notes that patient access trends highlight the need for convenience and quality content. Megan will share findings from the company’s third annual Patient Access Journey Report. Attendees will hear comprehensive insights based on 3 years of historical data regarding what health systems need to know to attract and retain today’s consumers. By attending The Modern Patient: How Today’s Healthcare Consumers Access Care you will learn how your health system can differentiate its brand by expanding reach and removing existing scheduling barriers.

Speaking of educating patients about your services and the patient journey, the presentation Effectively Utilizing Video to Manage and Direct the Patient Journey by Chris Novotny, COO / CFO, On-Site Studios, LLC will help you add video to the mix. Video helps to build relationships, position providers as a resource pre- and post-visit, simplify information, improve health and increase community engagement. Adding video to your marketing mix will effectively break down barriers and connect people with people.

On the subject of reaching out to your audience, the session Digital Advertising for Health Care, offered by Emily Hartzog, Vice President, Chartwell Agency and Jake Myers, Vice President, Digital Sales & Strategy, Gatehouse Media will help you determine which digital strategies and spend levels are appropriate for your audience. They will share popular digital strategies including search engine marketing, display ads, retargeting, social media marketing and direct e-mails. By the end of the session, you’ll have a better understanding of each strategy, how they work independently or in combination with other tactics, and reasonable expectations for results.

The final day of the conference is worth sticking around for. It ends with a hands-on workshop that helps you to create a comprehensive 2020 marketing plan. Learn how to incorporate your defined purpose, to establish goals and to determine key strategies and tactics to get you where you need to be. You’ll leave the workshop with a 2020 Healthcare Marketing Planner that can help you stay focused and achieve your goals.

The WHPRMS Conference is always a great time for members and often creates memories that last a lifetime. Be sure to attend this year to improve upon your already extensive wealth of personal knowledge. But perhaps most important is the motivation the Conference provides for you. With renewed energy and an arsenal of great ideas, you will undoubtedly be more effective at work.

The one thing that is true of every WHPRMS conference is that every speaker and session is worth attending because the presentations are by those that lived the experience. There nice enough to share that experience with you. There shouldn’t be a bad hand in the bunch.

I’m looking forward to seeing you October 2 – 4.

James Shulkin

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