WHPRMS September Blog: Break Out of Your Inner Desk Jockey

How exciting is it that the 2018 WHPRMS Tri-State Conference, “Adventures in Healthcare Marketing and PR,” is only a few short weeks away?! If you are waiting to register, don’t. We’re partnering with our counterparts in Illinois and Minnesota to stage a once-in-a-lifetime conference (OK, so maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but it’s going to be a super event).

Becky Goplin, President of WHPRMS, asked me to write an article citing my top five reasons for attending the conference. She said the article should highlight all the great things about the conference. That sounded easy enough, and I’m going to brutally honest here (because as PR practitioners and marketers, we don’t mislead). So, here are my top five very valid reasons. They are are in order of importance.

#5. I need to bust out of the chains that have shackled me to my desk lately. Yes, it’s time to get out, smell the fresh air, and breathe some life back into me. If you find yourself growing stale, I suggest you do the same. As humans, we are not designed to be desk jockeys!

#4. I’m going to steal all your brilliant ideas and claim them as my own. Yep, I’m not ashamed to admit it either. A larger awards show will give me more ideas.

#3. I’m going to savor the conference food and all the snacks. Listen, I’m tired of eating baby carrot sticks and Lean Cuisines at work…I want real food!

#2. Glory. I hope to win a Communications Review award at the ceremony. It’s all about the hardware, recognition and fame!

#1. I want to see all of you sipping margaritas while floating down the lazy river at the Wilderness waterpark. It’s going to be glamorous!

All kidding aside, I’m anticipating a great conference with more networking, sharing and learning opportunities. Maybe I’ll also get some cool swag and check out the presentations too (I never said I didn’t have a nerd side). So, put your adventure hats on and register for “Adventures in Marketing and PR.”

Click here for more information about the Tri-State Conference.

See you Sept. 19-21 at Glacier Canyon Lodge in Wisconsin Dells.


Mike Wiltse is Associate Director of Communications for Journey Mental Health Center in Madison.