The WHPRMS Top 10: Why You Should Be at the 2016 Annual Conference

The 2016 WHPRMS Annual Conference is just around the corner! Why should you be there?

10. Healthcare pros from near and far will be there.
9. The staff at The Madison Concourse Hotel is absolutely wonderful.
8. You might win an award!
7. Teaser alert: Our Amazing Race theme starts in full force on Wednesday!
6. Share stories, triumphs, and frustrations. Learning at its best!
5. Someone will be crowned Ms. WHPRMS.
4. There’s golfing. With Chuck. ‘Nuf said.
3. Madison is a FUN place. State Street is even more fun!
2. We have a talented, funny, and inspirational keynote speaker.
1. It’s affordable, and packed with information from industry experts.

Join us, get inspired by your healthcare colleagues, and have fun! Register today! 


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