11 health care social media stats to turn heads


Nowadays, social media is usually included in our hospital, clinic and/or physician marketing and public relations campaigns. I compiled a list of recent statistics that still validates why we all need to embrace social media technology and seek out opportunities to use it effectively.

  1. Twenty-eight percent of people who use social media for personal reasons support a health-related cause using social media.
  2. Mayo Clinic’s podcast listeners jumped to 76,000 in one month after the clinic started using social media.
  3. Sixty percent of people who use social media trust posts by their doctors. 55% trust hospital posts.
  4. Eighty-seven percent of doctors use social media for personal reasons. 67% of those doctors use social media for professional use.
  5. Only 15% of hospitals hire a full time social media manager. 6% assign an intern.
  6. Patients are most likely to share information about their health using social media with doctors and hospitals more than other groups or people.
  7. Of more than 1,500 hospitals nationwide who have an online presence, Facebook is most popular.
  8. Eighty-eight percent of physicians use the Internet to research pharmaceutical, biotech and medical devices.
  9. California, Texas and New York hospitals use social media the most of any other state.
  10. Massachusetts General Hospital’s emergency department researchers worked to create iPhone app EMNet finder, directing users to the closest ER anywhere in the U.S.
  11. During the deadly 2009 shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Scott & White Healthcare employees offered constant updates on ER access, hospital status, Red Cross news and more. S&W’s rank of Twitter followers increased by 78%.

New statistics fly across our desks and smartphones every day, what statistics catch your attention? Please share in the comments section below.

Statistic sources: DC Interactive, Master of Health Administration and Mayo Clinic.

This post was researched and written by Trish Skram, blogger and research content specialist for WHPRMS. Trish also manages Mercy Health System’s public relations and social media efforts. To read more, CLICK HERE.

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