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Sunday, October 15


Welcome Reception - An Evening of Comedy with Johnny Beehner
Johnny Beehner, 6AM Marketing

Johnny Beehner made his network television stand up debut on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Johnny puts on a hilarious show. He’s got everything you want from a comic: He’s silly, he’s likeable, and he’s fun.

With a background in improvisational theater including training at Chicago’s prestigious Second City, as well as the Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles, Johnny brings a very unique style to the stage. He has made numerous appearances on the FOX “Laughs” television show, and regularly appears on the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom Show. His comedy can be heard regularly on XM/ Sirius Satellite radio. Johnny also appeared on “Gotham Comedy Live” on AXS tv.

Other notable accomplishments of Johnny’s include winning First place in Comcast’s “Trial By Laughter” series, and being named one of Ricky Gervais’ Top 5 picks in the “Just Sayin” stand up contest. Johnny was also recently named one of 2023’s Top 10 “Hot Comics to Watch” by his wife. She says that he would have a shot at the #1 spot if he would “work just a little bit harder.”

He’s a married man, a fantastic father, and his current life goal is to win just one argument with his beautiful wife.

Preview Johnny's comedic talent on Youtube.

Monday, October 16


Breakfast & Annual Meeting


Cultivating a Culture of Kindness

Cindy Rowe, Cindy Rowe Marketing
Did you realize that science has proven that doing kind acts for others makes us happier? And happier employees are 12% more productive? In today's workplace climate, it's important to have the competitive edge with current staff and future employees. A key differentiator to your organization could be kindness. Be seen and valued as a strategic and compassionate leader Using kindness as a new leadership approach will impact the bottom line and improve the workplace culture.


(Breakout 1.1)

The Healthcare Video Strategy You Need, Stat.

Tony Gnau, T60 Health 

Video marketing continues to rise in popularity, and more and more healthcare organizations are jumping onboard. The problem? Many of them under-utilize this terrific tactic. Tony Gnau is a 3x Emmy Award winner, #1 Amazon bestselling author, as well as the Founder and Chief Storytelling Office at T60 Health, the healthcare video specialists. He'll talk about the types of videos you should be producing, and how to use them throughout your inbound marketing campaigns to maximize their effectiveness.

(Breakout 1.2)

How Changing Privacy Policies Affect Healthcare Marketing

Molly Walleser, Vendi

As privacy policies across the digital landscape continue to change, it’s affected how marketers can access online data, making it more difficult to be efficient with your marketing dollars. How can you be prepared for this privacy-first trend and still deliver effective campaigns? We’ll explore strategies that can be implemented in both the short and long-term to help you navigate the changing ecosystem while remaining compliant with evolving privacy regulations.


Working Lunch


(Breakout 2.1)

Plain Language is Preferred. Yes, Even by Doctors.

Lacey Reichwald, Aha Media Group

Do highly educated people prefer academic language? Is jargon the shared vocabulary of medical professionals? Most would say yes, but our research shows that plain language gives you a competitive advantage when communicating with busy healthcare professionals. 

(Breakout 2.2)

SEO: How to Become the Master of Your Domain

Randy McDaniels and Jim Hover, McDaniels Healthcare Marketing

The pandemic fueled healthcare-related searches at an unprecedented level. The power of Google and other search engines and directories control your destiny as a marketer now more than ever. In this workshop-style presentation, we will cover the simple and more complex SEO attributes and techniques and how they influence your organic search engine results.


(Breakout 3.1)

Building a Content Marketing Strategy

Sarah Larson and Rachael Holland, Amperage Marketing & Fundraising
A content marketing strategy helps define your brand’s products and services by creating and distributing content messaging that continually communicates your expertise, authority and trust. Identify ways to maximize your content and learn what makes a memorable content experience for your patients and consumers.

(Breakout 3.2)

The Essentials to Building a High-Performing Healthcare Website
Cory Docken, Imagewerks
In this speaking topic, the speaker will discuss the importance of having a comprehensive strategy for healthcare website development and maintenance. The strategy encompasses several key aspects: first, establishing a clear brand identity and ensuring it aligns with the target audience. Next, understanding the audience through the development of personas and conducting content audits to ensure brand, goals, and audience alignment. Data analysis and heatmaps are used to observe user behavior and adjust website goals accordingly. A measurement strategy, including goals, KPIs, and dashboards, is essential for tracking success. Additionally, the talk covers design considerations, focusing on mobile or desktop design and addressing security, accessibility, and user experience. Programming best practices, SEO implementation, and post-launch activities, such as local listings, social media consistency, and regular updates, round out the comprehensive approach to website development and management.


(Breakout 4.1)

Connecting Colleagues and Consumers through Storytelling
Steph Graham, Froedtert, and Monica Cicci, Agrace
We all want to feel seen and valued. In a world of AI and virtual meetings, conveying a feeling of human connection is more important than ever. One way to build relationships with both our internal colleagues and external consumers is through storytelling. There are many different ways to tell a story. This session will focus on telling stories through video, and touch on writing compelling copy for print.

(Breakout 4.2)

Fostering Leadership

Stephen Smith, Community Health Systems of Wisconsin


Banquet and awards presentation

Tuesday, October 17



Rise of the Machines – How AI Is Pushing the Limits of Healthcare Content Generation

Shannon Cummins, GLC

New AI tools emerge every day. Vetting their capabilities and quality can seem so daunting that some have ignored them completely, while others have embraced them. AI’s applications can save marketers and content creators time and even provide them with data-backed ideas for successful campaigns. But it has some perilous pitfalls, too. This session will help healthcare marketers understand the risks and rewards of AI tools with specific use cases for successful adoption.


Executive Presence: How You Can Improve Your Brand

Jeff Whitehorn, Whitehorn Coaching & Consulting LLC

Did you know that 26% of all hiring and promotion decisions are based upon one’s executive presence? Your “brand” can make you or break you in your leadership journey. Executive presence is a set of leadership skills that formulate the way others view and judge you as a leader. Jeff Whitehorn discusses and provides leadership tips that you can implement now to improve your executive presence.

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