WHPRMS works collaboratively with the Wisconsin Hospital Association on issues of importance to hospitals, health systems and physicians in Wisconsin. To facilitate communication between the two organizations, a member of the WHA communications team attends WHPRMS board meetings. By working together the organizations can keep members appraised of activity in the legislature, work to organize grassroot campaigns as appropriate, and arm media relations professionals with state or regional facts and figures so they can proactively address hot topics with local media.

Who Is WHA?
If you are not familiar with WHA, it is also a trade association that represents hospitals, regional and community integrated providers and corporate medical providers. In addition to health-related institutions, corporate memberships are also available.

WHA staff is committed to advocating for the state’s hospitals and health systems at the state and federal levels,  interpreting clinical and quality issues for members, providing educational opportunities and encouraging member participation in Association activities.

WHA works to:
·         Ensure that advocacy and representation are the Association’s highest priorities.

·         Advocate for the identification and implementation of initiatives that improve the health of the public.

·         Serve as a forum to discuss diverse points of view and seek consensus on how best to meet member needs.

·         Provide the informational support necessary to assist members in understanding and complying with the dynamics of the Wisconsin health care environment.

·         Take a leadership role in fostering a climate of collaboration that recognizes the interdependence of providers, government agencies, and the private sector.

·         Sustain a pluralistic, state-of-the-art health care system.