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2015 Annual Conference – Joint WI and MN

Sep. 30 - Oct. 2, 2015 at the Stoney Creek Inn in La Crosse. Mark your calendars!


You may be thinking to yourself, “I work in advertising, why do I need to know about my local legislators?” or “My boss and CEO are up to date on these issues, why should I care?” The truth is, you really ...READ MORE

Project YES! gets $5 million mental health grant The Department of Health Services has been awarded a five-year, $5 million federal grant to provide services and supports to young adults with, or who are at risk for, serious mental health conditions. ...READ MORE

Let’s face it; our industry is going through major changes. We’re seeing more collaborations and partnerships, ACO developments, mobile advancements and consumer buying behavior shifts. With the holidays approaching fast, let’s take a moment to gather predictions, insights and expectations of ...READ MORE