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Award Programs

Membership with WHPRMS comes with several opportunities to recognize yourself along with other healthcare communications professionals who you admire and feel are the best in their field. Explore the unique opportunities we offer by clicking on the header links below, and then start preparing your submissions today!

Prestige Showcase

Since 1971, WHPRMS has sponsored an annual awards program to recognize excellence and success in the practice of healthcare public relations and marketing. In 2023, this recognition will happen through the Prestige Showcase. All WHPRMS members are encouraged to submit their work for an opportunity to present a virtual case study and be recognized at the annual conference.


Leadership Recognition

The Leadership Recognition Program is designed to reward members who excel in their profession. Any member that meets the program criteria is encouraged to apply for this recognition. The program offers three tiers: Certification, Accreditation and Fellowship status. Fellows are the highest tier and are best defined as professionals in healthcare marketing and public relations who demonstrate exceptional competence and ability in the areas of leadership, problem solving, innovation and creativity, and organizational impact.


Professional Excellence Award

The Professional Excellence Award is a great way to recognize a colleague who has earned the respect of others.

If there is a person you admire in the healthcare industry, if they have been your mentor, your confidant, your beacon in the fog, or perhaps it is just blatantly obvious they really know their stuff― Then nominate them for WHPRMS’ Professional Excellence Award.

Only one individual is awarded this distinguished honor every year!

This person should be a leader inside and outside their organization. They should be a WHPRMS member in good standing and a seasoned professional who has demonstrated and shared their knowledge, advancing the principles of communications, marketing and public relations within the healthcare industry.


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