Position Description

Reports to: President

Term: Two years (additional 2-year term possible)

Requirements: Must be a current member of WHPRMS. Consideration will be given to professional expertise and involvement and service to the organization.

Job summary:  Maintains necessary financial reports, oversees collection and disbursements and coordinates with Badger Bay Management Company to serve as financial adviser to WHPRMS.


  • Serves on the Executive Committee with President, Secretary and Membership Chair
  • Assumes overall responsibility in cooperation with the president for the fiscal management of the organization
  • Maintains financial, Wisconsin nonprofit filing and insurance account access and changes passwords with each new president or treasurer term
  • Works with Badger Bay Management to develop annual fiscal year budget (Jan-Dec) for board input/approval
  • Ensures approved budget will break even or generate funds for reinvestment into member programs.
  • Monitors WHPRMS budget by reviewing Monthly Financial Statements from Badger Bay Management
  • Approves “accounts payable” for Badger Bay as part of Monthly Financial Statements
  • Maintains checking and savings accounts, as well as other investment accounts approved by the board of directors
  • Prepares monthly financial summary for WHPRMS board meetings
  • Prepares year-to-date financial summary for the annual meeting and year-end financial summary
  • Presents treasurer’s report at board meetings and the annual conference, addressing any questions and concerns
  • Provides, along with the president, an authorizing signature when necessary
  • Oversees the compiling and filing of all financial documents required of non-profit organizations by the IRS or other governmental agencies
  • Confirms that Badger Bay pays insurance policy each year
  • Confirms Badger Bay’s Distribution of 1099 forms to freelancer(s) by February 1, if necessary
  • Arranges for independent reconciliation of financial records upon completion of his/her term in office
  • Communicates with the Board of Directors regarding any information of interest to WHPRMS members
  • Efficiently utilizes available resources, seeking board approval for any unbudgeted activities/expenditures
  • Performs other related duties as requested by the president
  • Revises planning materials and trains new treasurer
  • Attends at least four Board of Directors meetings/phone conferences annually, either in-person or via phone. Special exceptions will be made upon approval by the president
  • Updates job description if needed and forwards to the president