What Midwest Consumers REALLY Think About Digital Healthcare

Tuesday, June 15th, 12:00-1:00 pm


The pandemic has forced healthcare organizations to shift priorities and find new ways to reach and communicate with consumers. Digital channels and telehealth options quickly became preferred methods for sharing critical information and conducting health visits. But how do consumers really feel about digital healthcare? And do they have a shared understanding of what digital healthcare even means? We’re breaking down the results of our original research and providing exclusive insights into the minds of healthcare consumers across the mid-west.

Attendees will learn more about:

  1. What digital healthcare truly means to consumers
  2. How consumers prefer to communicate and be communicated to
  3. The breakdown of digital interactions consumers used pre-pandemic, during the pandemic, and plan to use post-pandemic

John Gonda, Sr. Healthcare Strategist, ddm marketing + communications
With more than 23 years of healthcare communications and PR experience, John understands the importance of clear and engaging messages. During his career he has provided marketing and communications leadership to hospitals, health systems and medical groups throughout Ohio, Florida and Michigan. In addition to his career accomplishments, he is a regular contributing author to many healthcare publications and journals and has been a frequent speaker at several industry conferences and events.

Christine VanTimmeren, Content Manager, ddm marketing + communications
Christine spent the first decade of her career crafting and sharing compelling stories and breaking news events as a television news journalist across the country. She now brings her skills as an experienced interviewer, writer, communicator and video storyteller to the agency side. She helps clients dig for engaging stories and develop content that inspires action and starts conversations.


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