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Meet the Speakers

Thursday, October 3

Opening Keynote:
The Secret to a Leader's Mental Wellness | Leading from Your Uniqueness
Molly Hildebrandt, International Speaker & Executive Coach, Hildebrandt Consulting, LLC

Molly Hildebrandt is an internationally certified trainer specializing in Leadership Development. She has years of experience designing, developing, and implementing tailored leadership and professional development programs for individuals and organizations. She specializes in helping leaders discover how to dissolve personal and corporate challenges. Molly is known for her dynamic and powerful presentations, combining revelatory ideas with practical life-changing applications. As a corporate leader, entrepreneur, consultant, executive coach, nationally and internationally certified trainer, wife and mother of four young children, Molly understands the pressure and stress leaders face every day. Molly is passionate about helping leaders embrace the tension in their lives, rather than avoid or run from it, and turn it into a positive work-life harmony story. Tension is energy that can break us, or propel us with purpose to create a dynamic and exciting future.

    Breakout 1.1
    Bridging the Divide: Engaging Staff, Clinicians & Physicians through Internal Communications Strategies
    Amy Freeze, Senior Communications Specialist, Froedtert Health

    Amy Freeze is a seasoned communications professional with a wealth of experience in both healthcare and media. She brings a dynamic skill set to her role as Senior Communications Specialist at Froedtert Health. Amy provides invaluable executive leadership support to the President of Froedtert Hospital and other C-suite executives, exemplifying her adeptness in navigating the intricate landscape of healthcare communications. With a keen focus on fostering a cohesive organizational culture, Amy has collaborated on the production of internal communications video series tailored to engage and uplift staff members at Froedtert Health. These initiatives not only serve to boost morale, but also express gratitude for the unwavering dedication and contributions of staff, clinicians and physicians. Beyond her role at Froedtert Health, Amy is deeply engaged in the broader communications community, currently serving as Secretary for the PRSA Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter. Her dedication to professional growth and industry advancement is further solidified by her mentorship of high school students in media studies, video production, and journalism. Prior to her position at Froedtert Health, Amy founded FreezeFrame Media, where she honed her skills in multimedia storytelling and content creation. Her skill in crafting compelling narratives was evident during her time as a writer/producer at Plum Media, where she contributed to the Emmy Award-winning series "John McGivern’s Main Streets." Drawing from her rich background in broadcast news, Amy started her career as a TV news producer, 1 laying a solid foundation for her subsequent endeavors in communications. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Media Relations from St. Norbert College, where she currently holds a position on the Alumni Board. In her multifaceted career, Amy leverages her diverse skill set to drive impactful change within the healthcare sector and beyond. 

      Breakout 1.2
      Don’t Let Your Arteries Get “Blogged”: Understanding the Heart Behind Healthcare Blogging
      Zach Singleton, SEO Specialist, McDaniels Marketing

      Zach understands the importance of telling a good story. In fact, a story can be found anywhere — even something like a mix CD can transport a reader to another time and place. That’s why Zach puts so much time and energy into your website, ensuring your online presence is telling the story of your brand and is properly optimized so people can find it. Adaptable and committed, Zach immerses himself in every project with the same daring attitude that may prompt one to leap recklessly into the chilled waters beneath a bridge in Berlin — er, not that Zach would know anything about that, of course.

      MacKenzie Taylor , Vice President of Account Services, McDaniels Marketing

      Marketing is a lot like softball — to win, it takes a team of individuals with varying talents and abilities working together. And like a catcher calling pitches and organizing defenders from behind the plate, MacKenzie relishes the freedom inherent in her career to manage and lead a team to victory (as well as classic footwear and a generous scoop of coffee ice cream with fudge swirls). Every client presents an opportunity for her to use (Barbie-worthy) styles and techniques gained from the experience of working with many different industries like healthcare, agriculture, tourism, and nonprofits. MacKenzie’s passion and outgoing demeanor enables her to seemingly teleport between each client to develop tailored, immersive marketing strategies that transform and elevate their brands to a new stratosphere. 

        Breakout 2.1:
        Unlocking the Power of Digital Healthcare Marketing to Generate Conversion
        Heather Jurgenson, Account Strategy Director, Geonetric

        Heather has a passion for relationship building and digital. As an account strategy director at Geonetric, Heather helps hospitals and health systems achieve their short- and long-term goals by establishing digital strategies and guidelines. She has over a decade of account management experience working with various healthcare organizations to gather and analyze data, review feedback, identify strengths and weaknesses of existing procedures, and address concerns to ensure utmost satisfaction and results. Heather has her BA from Mount Mercy University and master’s degree in organizational leadership from St. Ambrose University.

          Breakout 2.2:
          Mind Over Marketing: Understanding Your Patients’ Mindset to Increase Engagement
          Karen Bernhardt, Agency Creative Director, Vendi Advertising

          Karen Bernhard is the Agency creative director at Vendi Advertising in La Crosse. With more than 18 years of experience, Karen has worked with dozens of clients regionally and nationally including Mayo Clinic Health System, University of Wisconsin-Madison and the American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology, among many others. She specializes in various visual communication mediums such as print advertising, collateral, web and video art direction. Karen is also an expert in interpreting and articulating communication strategies for brands. Her outstanding work has received numerous national awards throughout her career.

            Breakout 3.1:
            HIPAA-Complaint Digital Marketing - What We've Learned.
            Sue Webb, Director of Strategy, Cork Tree Creative

            Sue Webb is a veteran marketing professional with decades of healthcare marketing, PR, and sales experience, including marketing director for a large multi-state medical group and director of strategy for a healthcare-focused marketing firm. Over the years, Webb has worked with many pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, medical groups, and ancillary care companies and has researched, developed, and executed marketing plans for multiple industry organizations. Webb keeps current on the latest regulations, technology, and trends that impact the healthcare marketing industry. Webb received the Illinois Society of Healthcare Marketing & Public Relations (ISMPR) 2023 Individual Achievement Award for outstanding work in the healthcare industry and is a frequent presenter on healthcare marketing-related topics, including advertising, technology, and compliance.

            Breakout 3.2:
            From Crisis to Confidence: Best Practices for Handling a PR Crisis Before It Occurs
            Laura Gallagher, President & Founder, The Creative Company, Inc. 

            Laura Gallagher is the President of The Creative Company and the author of #180in120 - How to Recharge Your Business in 120 Days. She is the 2019 SBA's Women in Business Champion of the Year. In 2016, she was recognized by the Governor and the State of Wisconsin as a Trailblazer. She returned to school and became a 48 year old scholar in 2017 graduating from the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City program and Babson College's 10KSB. She is very proud of the talent and energy her team brings to every campaign at The Creative Company.

            Cassandra Bretl, Public Relations Media Specialist, The Creative Company, Inc.

            Cassandra brings her broadcast journalism and crisis communication knowledge to The Creative Company. After spending three years as a multi-media journalist at WREX-TV in Rockford, Illinois, she understands the power of information and how effective storytelling can guide others to respond. Cassandra’s efforts helped bring home a Regional Edward R. Murrow Award for coverage on racial injustice protests. She gained her bachelor’s degree in journalism at the University of WisconsinMilwaukee and received a certificate in Crisis Communication from the Public Relations Society of America. She now brings her skills to The Creative Company to help local organizations prepare for crises and help spread their missions to the public in the hopes of building communities up.

              Breakout 4.1:
              Put Accessibility at the Heart of Your Web Design and Web Content
              Reba Thompson, Vice President of Client Partnerships, WG Content

              Reba develops positive, long-term partnerships with our clients to help them build their brand and fulfill their mission to the community. One of five kids in a sports-crazy, athletic family, Reba played soccer for the University of Dayton, where she majored in exercise science. After briefly working as a fitness professional, she transitioned to a sales role for a company that offered concierge services to hospital employees. Reba joined WG Content in 2011 as “employee No. 2” and has helped it grow from a local writing agency to a national operation that delivers strategy, content and project management expertise to B2B and B2C companies. Reba is a seasoned business development professional who knows healthcare marketing inside and out. After taking time to understand the challenges your organization faces, she’ll begin crafting strategic solutions. Whether this is your first engagement with WG Content or you’re already enjoying a fruitful partnership with us, you can count on Reba to assemble the plan and resources you need for success. 

              Laura Garling, UX Architect,

              As a strategist, Laura identifies and meets client user needs through solutions that are effective, sustainable, and delightful to use. She ensures that our work is performed in ways and sequences that deliver the most value. Laura has over 15 years of experience making websites in nearly all aspects of production, but her expertise is in user experience and strategy. She previously served as the Director of Web Strategy and Services for a mid-size public university, where she led a high-performing, cross-functional team that maintained a campus-wide Drupal content management system and developed new features to improve user experience. 2 As a strong advocate of human-centered design and user research, Laura believes the best products are the ones where the makers truly know and understand the people using them. She enjoys the challenge of navigating complexity and finding patterns. She loves working in digital because there is always something new to learn, think about, or do. Laura received her master’s degree in Communication Planning and Information Design from Carnegie Mellon University and her bachelor’s in English from Baldwin Wallace University.

                Breakout 4.2:
                Marketing for Recruitment 
                Katie Much, Account Specialist, Red Shoes, Inc.

                With over a decade of expertise in social media, storytelling, and strategic marketing, Katie Much is a seasoned professional known for her comprehensive marketing support across diverse industries. Recognized for her strategic communication proficiency and unparalleled social media acumen, Katie stands out as a go-to resource during client crises and campaigns, consistently delivering impactful solutions with finesse.

                Reagan Fritts, Social Media Coordinator, Red Shoes, Inc.

                Boasting a genuine enthusiasm for communication and social media, Reagan excels in the art of crafting compelling content tailored to resonate with clients' target audiences, ultimately igniting robust engagement.

                  Friday, October 4

                  General Session:
                  Portfolio Mapping: How to guide your organization's Growth Strategy
                  Jennifer Horton, MBA, Chief Strategy Officer, Level Ten Healthcare Advisors

                  Jennifer Horton is a respected transformation consultant, author, and speaker with a distinguished career spanning over 25 years in healthcare leadership. As the Chief Strategy Officer at Level Ten Healthcare Advisors, she brings unparalleled expertise and a wealth of knowledge to the forefront of healthcare strategy. Jennifer’s career is marked by her dedication to helping healthcare leaders navigate and thrive amidst the complexities of an ever-evolving industry. She has been a pivotal force in shaping the strategies of numerous healthcare organizations, enabling leaders to adapt, excel, and lead with purpose in today's dynamic healthcare environment. As a speaker and coach, she has inspired countless professionals to take ownership in their career, embrace innovation, and realize their full potential. In addition to her executive role, Jennifer serves on the American Hospital Association’s Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD) Advisory Board. In this capacity, she extends her thought leadership and mentors the next generation of healthcare marketers, further solidifying her influence in the industry.  

                  Breakout 5.1
                  The Hidden ROI: How Unifying Culture and Teams Drives Tamarack Health’s Rebrand
                  Cherie Morgan, Marketing Director, Tamarack Health

                  Cherie Morgan serves as the Marketing Director of Tamarack Health. She has worked for the organization for 13 years, and as of June 2023 expanded her role to lead the Marketing teams across the organization’s two medical systems in north western Wisconsin. In her role she is responsible for leading a team of six to develop marketing campaigns, coordinating internal and external communications, public relations, strategic planning, community outreach and the Community Health Improvement Plans. Having lived, worked and volunteered in the Hayward area for over 25 years, Cherie has had the opportunity to work with large and small businesses, government officials, municipalities, area schools, the media and community volunteers. She is currently assisting the Hayward Library Foundation with their capital campaign and working with them on refreshing their communication strategy. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, doing yoga, biking, reading and being outdoors.

                  Joe Gunderson, Chief Creative Officer, Hailey Sault

                  Joe possesses a profound understanding of consumer behavior and brand interaction in the digital landscape. His expertise in guiding the human-centered design process has cultivated deep and lasting connections between clients and their audiences.

                  With nearly 25 years of experience in healthcare communication, this artist, photographer, videographer, and editor brings a visionary sensibility to the leadership of our creative team.

                  Joe excels in building strategies for brand identity systems, integrated campaigns, organic social content, and human-centered experiences. He is also adept at mapping consumer journeys to optimize patient acquisition.

                  He has been recognized with numerous healthcare marketing awards and was honored with a "20 under 40" Award from the Duluth News Tribune.

                  Joe’s love of family and community makes him a person people know they can count on in a pinch—with an open mind and heart.

                  Alison Schiek, Chief Strategy Officer, Hailey Sault

                  Bio coming soon.

                  Breakout 5.2
                  Enhancing the Consumer Journey with a Data-Driven Digital Content Strategy
                  Alyx Andrus, Senior Digital Content Strategy Writer, Advocate Health

                  Alyx Andrus (she/her) is the senior digital content strategy writer at Advocate Health, the third-largest nonprofit integrated health system in the U.S. She helps people live well by meeting them where they’re at in their online health care journey – and getting them where they’re going. Alyx’s career in copywriting and content marketing began in retail and blossomed in health care. 

                  Ashley Rogers, Digital Marketing and SEO Coordinator, Advocate Health 

                  Ashley Rogers is a seasoned SEO expert with over a decade of experience, dedicated to ensuring patients and information seekers find the most relevant and accurate information. Currently serving as a Digital Marketing and SEO Coordinator at Advocate Health. Known for her strategic insight and technical prowess, Ashley's approach aligns seamlessly with Google's best practices, making the digital landscape more accessible and informative for everyone.

                    Breakout 6.1
                    Content That Connects: Children's Wisconsin's Blueprint for Engaging Physicians, Patients, and Health Plan Members 
                    Nancy Vanselow, Marketing Development Senior Management, Children's Wisconsin

                    Nancy Vanselow is the Senior Manager of Marketing Development at Children's Wisconsin, where she has been dedicated to advancing the organization's marketing initiatives since January 2022. With over two decades of experience in healthcare marketing and education, Nancy has held pivotal roles such as Referral Development Manager at Children's Wisconsin and Marketing and Education Manager at the Medical College of Wisconsin. She holds an Associate of Arts degree in General Studies from Central Lakes College. Nancy is based in Muskego, Wisconsin, and is known for her expertise in healthcare marketing, event planning, and her commitment to improving patient care through strategic marketing efforts.

                    Laura Simson, Advertising and Brand Manager, Children's Wisconsin

                    Laura Simson is the Advertising and Brand Manager at Children's Wisconsin, where she has led the strategy and efforts to strengthen and position the organization since April 2022. With over a decade of experience in marketing and brand management, Laura has played pivotal roles at esteemed institutions such as the Milwaukee Art Museum, where she managed advertising budgets, media vendors, and spearheaded digital content strategies. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a Bachelor's degree in History, Laura's expertise spans across advertising, brand strategy, and marketing analytics. She is passionate about leveraging consumer insights to drive impactful marketing campaigns and is committed to advancing Children's Wisconsin's mission of delivering exceptional care to families.

                      Breakout 6.2
                      A Practical Deep Dive into AI-Driven Healthcare Marketing
                      Lacey Reichwald, Marketing Director, Aha Media Group

                      Lacey Reichwald is the Marketing Director at Aha Media Group, where she connects healthcare marketers with top-tier content solutions. Previously, Lacey owned a thriving cafe and bakery where she developed a passion for social media marketing and local SEO. She has experience as a marketing consultant and speaker, helping businesses create strategic campaigns and foster community engagement. In her leisure time, Lacey enjoys a good book and a sunny spot to read it in.

                          Closing Keynote:
                          The Infinite ROI of Leading with Care
                          Danny Goldberg, Speaker & Workplace Expert
                          BOG Consulting

                          Acclaimed speaker and award-winning entrepreneur Danny Goldberg knows what it takes to transform high turnover and low performance into connection, innovation, retention, and results. Along with building an eight-figure business, he has spent nearly 10 years decoding the strategies modern leaders must understand in order to succeed in today’s world of work. He now teaches leaders the new rules necessary to fully engage high-performing teams.

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